Ismael Checo


Ismael Checo began developing his interest in art at an early age. A native to the Dominican
Republic, he entered the National Academy of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo in 1981. In 1984, he
began to study at the Art Students League in New York City and then became an apprentice to
Nelson Shanks from 1985-89. He served as a Master Teaching Associate at the Art Students
League and taught at other institutions and conducted workshops.
He teachs Painting, and Drawing at The Rye Arts Center, in Rye NY.

His paintings explore a view of life that grows out of the Dominican/European influences that he
has experienced. The Human influences include irony, satire, sarcasm . He views painting within
the historical context of the fine arts. Since 1982, he has shown his work in many exhibitions. His
paintings and drawings have been published in national and international books and magazines.

A friend and curator for many of his exhibitions, Alexis Mendoza states that “Checo is an realist
who always works from direct observation. It is easy to admire the artistic fastidious observations
and industriousness in rendering what he sees… he knows how to keep details in their place,
allowing form to exist as an edgeless presence, skies to merge with land, figures to dissolve in the

Rudy S. Ackerman, Ed.D.
Director of Exhibitions and Collections


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